Thursday, June 16, 2011

Difficulties of Moving and Japanese Internet Connection

I remeber when I was first knew that I was coming to Japan.  I was filled with excitement and was completely thrilled that I would be living in such a technology forward country.  Sadly, I realized that Japan`s technology only exceeds its reputation in large cities such as Tokyo... And possibly only there.  When I speak with other exchange students we often converse about the terrible internet connection and it`s overly frequent menstral cycle. 

At my last host family`s house I had trouble with connection but at least I could actually connect every once and a while.  Here, even if I connect my laptop directly into the internet, it won`t connect and so I must use my host mother`s laptop.  This really isn`t too much of a problem for me except for the fact that I can`t upload pictures!! 

I have around five or so bento pictures that I need to post and I can`t upload them because of Japanese technology and its hissy fits.  I sincerely apologize for the lack of posting but everyone might have to wait until I can get myself to the library so I can use my computer. 

Once again, thanks for being so patient guys.  I appreciate it.