Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Children's Day Inspired Lunch

I really really really did not want to put this one up.  It was one of those days were despite the fact I wanted to make an amazing bento for my host sister, I was being nagged at by someone and I was too tired to really give much of a darn about anything and so it turned out like this.  It looks rather wretched but I believe that I need to put up every one that I make to show myself that I'm making some kind of progress.  Anyway, on to what's inside.

First, we have bamboo rice sprinkled with carrot chunks and a decorative samurai hat made out of cheese and salami.  In the middle, there is a fish paste roll with fish shaped hot dogs, a heart carrot, and a simple grape.  On the far right we have steamed vegetables covered in what I believe to be soy sauce (my host mother made those last night so I'm not quite sure how she made it.)

Okay, so it looks bad but my sister told me that it tasted sublime.  I would have been thrilled but I was forced to eat a school lunch because we had baking class and they made us eat every last bite.  It's pretty safe to say that I'm a really light eater these days and eating too much makes me feel like I'm going to vomit.  It may be partially because I can't stomach a lot of Japanese food, they like to use a butt ton of mayo (which I hate) and I despise sweets.  Since coming to Japan I've become a really picky eater.

Hopefully the next one will be better.  I'm thinking that I should stick to some simple bentos before I start tackling the more elaborate.  If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment!

Oh, and on a side note, I got my first follower today.  Let us rejoice... or not because I'm not sure if one's mom can really count as a serious follower.  Either way, yay!

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