Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still Ordinary But Better Than Last Time Bento

I'm apologize for the lack of different bento boxes but as I told you, I'm changing host families and therefore everything is packed away except this one.  For your amusement, I let my pokemon chopstick holder chill right up top there. Inside we have salad with scrambled eggs and spinach alongside a cucumber and a freaking gigantic strawberry.  The strawberry adds nice color. Yes, that would be it.

Today was crappy.  Why? Because it's a freaking Wednesday.  Wednesdays just suck and I'm always busy and have no time to make my bentos look cool.  Just you wait readers, for I will be making amazing bentos in my next house.  You have no idea how much awesome bento making devices I have acquired this last week.  Not only that but I think I found an awesome shop here in town that sells just bento things.  Score!

One thing I want to complain about before I go.  Today was my host parent's 25th anniversary and a couple days ago was my host mom's birthday and before that was Mother's Day and in a little while it will be Father's Day.  Post cards are so freaking expensive here and they're running me dry of cash >:U  Instead of buying an anniversary card for my parents, I bought a happy wedding card and wrote "25 years ago" on it just because it was cheaper. 


  1. Ahhh dadre....funny. Your host parents have been married 25 years? That is a long time. Well ..2 days before you move (your time). I think they are probably okay with your card...after could NOT have gotten them a card at all :-)

    The strawberry looks good. The bento is very yellow and greeny today. LOL.

  2. ya know, for someone who said they wouldn't create a blog and not keep it up, sure takes her sweet time updating.... LOL BTW, your madre sux t mini golf, i beat her by 20 strokes LOL

  3. Thats because it was my first time on that course. I WILL GET BETTER!!!!!!! not my fault you kept getting friggin hole in ones! Have fun in Florida this week. :-) Wish I was there.

    And she is in the middle of a move...she will update soon :-)

  4. Hellooooooo, is there anyone there?????? this must be one of those sites where the creator says it will be maintained only to sucker in a few unsuspecting innocent readers then never update it again. I am beginnng to think benots never existed, they are just a myth like the creator of this site :-) lol

  5. Hmmmmm Victoria... Tell Doug they are "Bentos" not "Benots"...hehehehe