Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cold Soba and Tofu Bento

This turned out so much better than my last bento did.  I just cooked up some soba noodles (about 60g) and layed them over top of tofu chunks.  For decoration I added a tofu bird, cabbage, and pickled ginger.  It was super easy and because I had such a big breakfast, I wanted a smaller sized lunch.  On the side, I plan to have a fruit jelly carton.  Sadly, I think you can only get the jelly cartons in Japan.  It's going to be terrible when I go back to the States because I've gotten myself hooked on those things.

Bonus: For those of you who are on a diet, it's only a little over 350 calories.

Today I was super excited that I could make my own meals.  Usually, my host mom won't let me and I have to try and swallow down crazy amounts of fried foods which I'm not a big fan of.  Believe me, if you decide on moving to an Asian country and just expect to lose weight because everyone in Asia seems to eat nothing but vegetables and rice, it won't happen.  You'd be surprised at how they actually eat here.  Our stereotypes are so off it's not even funny sometimes. ;-;

Anyways, on the bright side of things, it's Mother's Day!  I used to always make my mom breakfast in bed but then she finally told me to stop because they tasted terrible.  In my defense, I couldn't cook and I would just throw together leftovers from in the fridge so it was actually her cooking that she was complaining about.  Take that, Mom! :P 

Oh, and because my mom is my only reader right now I should probably take the time to say it.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  I would totally go online and order flowers for you but they're way too expensive so I hope this blog post will suffice.

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  1. LOL....In my defense.... you used to make things like PB&J, cucumbers, maynaise mustard, cereal, bananas, etc all mixed together for me to eat :-)