Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Full of Ordinary Food Bento

Holy Jesus, it is so ugly.  Just look at this sinful thing.  Full of boring and my hate.  Yes, that's what it is, my hatred.  You see that green poking out from under the rice?  That would be spinach.  No problem there but for some reason when I put in the rice this morning it decided it wanted to engulf the greens.  I was in a rush as so I said screw it and just left it as it was.  As you can see, I also have two really crapily made tamagoyaki along with some pickled vegetables.  

Can you tell that I had absolutely no produce with which to make bento today?  Also, I'm switching host families this week so I packed away all my supplies to make them look fancy.  Not to mention I didn't have any time in order to make this picture look at all decent.  I just really wanted to be able to put a post up for you guys.  I felt rather guilty because I've been busy and haven't done anything for around a week with the blog but don't fear because soon the site will be all cool looking and I will be in another house where no one nags at me about my food.  Thumbs up for everyone here!

If you have any requests or questions feel free to post them.  I'm willing to try and make anything.  ;D


  1. LOL! You are funny dadre! Pickled veggies though? Ewwwww!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And my request is... CHOCOLATE BENTO BOXES!!!!!!