Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easy Children's Day Inspired Bento

I really really wanted to make a super neat bento for Children's day but at the last minute my host mom asked me to make them for everyone when I had to be at a Rotary meeting in fifteen minutes.  Needless to say that I had to make something overly simple.  Sadly, I was mistaken and rode my bike all the way to the usual location for my meeting and it was canceled.  I love my life so much!

On the right side of this bento we have a deconstructed salami and cheddar sandwich along with a carrot heart and watermelon.  I quickly discovered that neither watermelon nor cheese enjoy cookie cutters as much as I do.  If you look close enough you may be able to see that the watermelon has a fish face and scales and well, the cheese obviously has a kid shaped hole in it.

If you look to your left in this picture you can see that we have a simple onigiri with a pikachu nori face and three grapes.  Grapes seem to work much better in bento boxes than bananas.

All in all, the lunch actually tasted like it was supposed to this time.  It's definitely not as pretty as I had originally planned it to be though.  Hopefully, tomorrows bento will be much better.  Because I actually have school I plan on working on it tonight so that I have more time to finish it.  Wish me luck!

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