Sunday, May 15, 2011

Steamed Veggies with Tamagoyaki

Today's lunch was packed full of veggie goodness.  First, I steamed chopped carrots, corn, peas, broccoli, kabocha (type of pumpkin), and cucumber.  I then made the tamagoyaki (rolled egg).  Tamagoyaki is simple to make.  All you do is basically make an omlete but instead of folding it in half, you roll it and then cut it into sections.  Japanese recipes generally call for making them sweet by adding sugar instead of salt, but I prefer mine plain.  On the side, I added mango jelly and grapes.  Took me all of ten minutes to make this morning.

I had to go hiking today with my exchange program and so I ate a big breakfast, added an onigiri to my lunch, and brought along snacks.  Needless to say I will never add more food to my usual diet just because I think I'm going to need it that day.  I had to accept gifts of crazy amounts of food because if I turn them down it's considered rude.  My stomach feels like its going to explode and I forced myself to run an extra fifteen minutes to try and work all the crap out of my system.  It probably won't work anyway though because takes a lot to get rid of the amount I ate.  The next couple of days will consist of much lower calorie meals to make up for the horribleness that ended up being today.  D:

Before I go, one thing that ticks me off almost as much as people nagging at me about being picky, is when people freaking lose my crap that is so obviously in one place for a reason and almost ruining my future because of it.  I've been having a bad time with testing centers.  Can you tell?  I would totally fly back to the states and rip someone a new one, but I'm poor and so sadly, it will not happen... anytime in the next two months. >:U


  1. Yes... not happy with BYU dadre....

  2. btw... you never responded about chocolate bentos